The new mini station wagon… Meh.

When the mini was first revived I thought it was an awfully cute car, but kinda useless if you like to do any serious road trips. My parents had a mini station wagon when I was a kid that was just as cute, but a whole lot more useful.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so. This week, Mini introduced a modern version of the mini station wagon called the “Clubman”

As I said in the title: meh.

It’s a five door hatchback car, though the back doors aren’t really full doors, but rather the sort of reverse-hung half-doors that are common to London black taxis. The back doors are the same as the old design and open out like those on older delivery vans. But it looks too much like that Toyota suv with the white roof to me.

Mini Clubman

The one my parents had was waaay nicer.  If I find decent picture of it I’ll upload it but it basically looked like a vintage model mini, but stretched out to the length of the photo above, and all one colour.  I’m not entirely sure why they would call it the ‘Clubman’ either – it just doesn’t sound like a particularly good name for a car.

I’ll stick with the Honda Fit for now…

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