CN Tower sneak preview

My husband and I were sitting out on our balcony enjoying a warm night (finally!) and a bottle of wine. “Hey look – it’s blue – turn around!”

Indeed, the ‘Saucer’ part of the CN tower and above was a brilliant sapphire colour.

First photo

We sat for the next hour watching it go from light-to-darker blue, to green, to red, yellow, and blue again. On that night it was just the top half that was lit up. The next night, the whole tower was ablaze. The bottom half, below the big bulge, has two strips that go the entire way up and down, and went from pink to yellow to red and blue again. Very cool.

Most of the pictures I managed to take, were when it was red. By the time I thought to grab my camera they were almost done. Unfortunately, my camera’s not that great for taking shots of dimly lit objects at night.

Top half of CN Tower in red

Here’s a sneak preview – the official launch is on June 28th.

Full tower lit

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