why jogging is a waste…

Say for a minute or two, but no more, that all these claims made by the medical, pharmaceutical, sports and sporting goods establishments are true. Aerobic exercise, especially jogging, is good for you and more exercise is better. They say you should raise our heart rate for at least thirty minutes, at least three times a week and that daily exercise is even better. From what I’ve heard, when all other factors are ruled out, such regular exercise adds an average of two years to a person’s life.

Two extra years? Sounds great until you take their extreme example and do the math.

365 days a year and 366 on leap years = 365.25 days 365.25 times (30 minutes elevated heart rate + warm up time of 10 minutes + cool down time of 15 minutes + prep time 15 minutes + clean up and shower 30 minutes) = 36,525 minutes or 608.75 hours or 25 .4 days annually.

Then there are the other costs, such as extra shamoo and soap, cost of heating water, cost of body lotion and sun screen made necessary by too much time outdoors and an extra shower every day. Plus at least one more day every year to buy all the clothing and footwear necessary for four seasons of jogging.

We can safely say that by jogging every day, one loses the month of February every year. A person who starts this at the age of 12 will have lost an entire year by age 24, 2 years by 36 and 3 years by 48.

These are three of the best and most productive years fo your life gone. For what? For what, for a possibly marginal improvement in life expectancy. Meaning that you’re giving up time in the prime years of your life to stretch out the years during which you have one foot in the grave. Personally, I don’t think that trading three of your best years traded for six or eight months of your worst is a much of a bargain.

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