Proof that pop stars are interchangeable

I was flipping channels this morning and landed on much more music where, for once, they were actually playing music videos. Being into Indie music I don’t tend to follow pop music though I know who most of the big pop stars are (They’re so over-promoted that it’s hard not too!).

There was a new video by Beyonce, it looked like. Though the vocals at least weren’t as annoyingly whiney as her lst video which had roughly the same effect as fingernails on a chalkboard or squealing brakes.

Then I was thinking, she kinda looks like Shakira – never noticed their resemblance before. Wait, that is Shakira – or is it? In the latter part of the rather creepy video the two of them appear together – done up to look identical. The video pretty much proves what I’ve suspected all along – with any pop song you could switch one girl for another and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

It’s also becoming harder to tell Ashley Simpson and Avril Lavigne apart…

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