Seal hunt season again

It’s huntin’ time again for some estimated 6,000 newfies to start their annual seal hunt, and for some reason, the usual protests are a lot quieter this year.

I suppose that part of it has to do with the McCartney’s divorce proceedings. Even if a hundredth of what gets written about their split in the British press was true they’d be unlikely to get along for enough time to get a good photo next to a baby seal. And who knows what would happen if one of them got ahold of one of those hakapiks. Speaking of which, it would also go along way towards explaining the why they both appeared to be so belligerant when they went up against the Newfoundland Premier on Larry King last year – possibly their anger towards each other was misdirected towards the hunters.

Also quiet is this year is Morrisey. Of course, this year he doesn’t have an album coming out or an upcoming tour to publicise…

So this time round the protesting appears to be left to the usual suspects at PeTA, who are as informed and unbiased as always. I think most people are just bored of them by now. There’s only so often you can see photos of a chick in a lettuce-leaf bikini before the novelty wears off.

Although I do think that seals (particularly the babies that aren’t in reality hunted) are very cute, and I don’t wear fur myself, that doesn’t mean I have the right to complain about how others earn their living. Newfoundland is far from a rich province, and the seal trade provides some much need economic support. Although eco-tourism is often touted as an alternative to the seal hunt, I’ve yet to see a single protestor front the cash to start that kind of business there. It’s so much more fun to tell people what to do than it is to help them at all. Also, Newfoundland already has eco-tourism. Obviously it’s not viable enough to employ everyone in the province. (that, and imho, eco-tourism is an oxymoron)

It would be nice if the protestors would get one thing through their heads – they don’t kill the ones with the white coasts. That practice has been illegal for over 20 years but you wouldn’t know it from the all Peta/Ifaw propaganda.

I’m not even really against the concept of fur. Not that the seals are hunted simply for their coats, but what is so bad about fur? It’s no more cruel than leather. On top of being fabulous, it’s actually far more enviro-friendly than the alternatives, particularly if you regularly have to suffer through an Arctic winter. Warm, extremely durable, from a natural and renewable source that helps keep indigenous, rural people self-sufficient.

The reason I’d never wear fur myself is that I wouldn’t want some idiot throwing ketchup on me.

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